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On a growing label market, Codimag has developed an offer to answer the market requirements: an optimum print quality thanks to offset, and flexibility for customers to print shorter and shorter runs.

By offering intermittent presses, Codimag gives to printers a technological answer with very low production cost and without the need of expensive cylinders and toolings. Job change does not imply cylinder or sleeve change. Printing plates are mounted directly onto the press without any plate mounting system.

Thanks to Aniflo and waterless offset technology, Set-up times and set-up wastes are reduced and printers can get their margins back.

Label printing

Aniflo is the most productive technolgoy for short and medium run above 250m (1000ft)

Aniflo, economical technology

ANIFLO Innovation

Growing pressure for printers to reduce set-up time and waste has pushed Codimag to integrate on VIVA presses a unique technology.

Codimag is the first printing press manufacturer to introduce this technology on a roll-fed label printing press. Aniflo is an anilox offset print unit, with no ink keys.

While maintaining offset print quality, Aniflo reduces set-up times by eliminating ink key control. Colour reproduction is made easier and more predictible.

With the integration in a digital workflow, jobs go from pre-press to CtP plate-making, to the press in a few minutes, and achieve instantaneously a print faithful to the proof.

Digital workflow

In a complex environment with production system digitalisation, Codimag offers higher productivity thanks to open and interoperation solutions.

Codimag offer includes the best of digital technologies, from pre-press, to set-up, production, finishing and inspection.

Pre-press digital workflows are perfectly adapted to Aniflo print stability, and allow printers to go from a pdf file to a job on press in less than 15 minutes. This makes the Aniflo a very flexible solution for quick job turnaround. The digital workflow integration goes from pre-press, to CtP and to the press, which can upload production job parameters through a jdf type connection.

Job set-up can be automatically achieved thanks to Codireg which positions all print unis in register, reducing waste and set-up times.

During production, press operators can follow job progress and the press can be connected in real time to the printer's MIS. On-press 100% inspection gives a higher control over prduciton quality in real time and makes inspection rewinding a more automated task.

Once the job is completed, the press can give production feed-back to th MIS (substrate consumption, running time, parameters...) in order to optimize inventories, follow production efficiency and save data for re-runs.

All VIVA presses are delivered with a remote access to allow diagnostic and give technical support.

Viva 340 Evolution
Aniflo for short to medium runs

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Viva 340
Aniflo + inline finishing

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Viva 420
Aniflo with maximum productivity

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