Viva 213

TYPE :VIVA 340 waterless

Construction year 2005

Serial number 213

Location: Bulgaria

Technical specification:

Printing units 5 Units of Offset-Waterless

1 Unit of Hot-Foil Stamping

Drying IST UV Cool Dryers after each Printing Unit (5 dyers)

Rotary embossing unit

Die-cut Semi-Rotative Die-Cut on 14" Magnetic Cilinder

UNWIND Reel up to 1000mm diameter

REWIND Maximum Reel diameter 820mm

Second pass

Web width:333mm

Press format: Max.width: 330mm, Max.length:304,8mm (REPEAT from 2 inch to 12 inch)

Hot-foil stamping: Max.width:320mm, Max.length 280mm

Unwind and Rewind Shafts

Water / Oil Heat Exchanger

Slittering Rotary Knives at the end of the machine


Offset plate Waterless Offset Plates, TORAY or equivalent. Thickness 0,3mm

High Quality Printing, common 180 / 200 lpi (70 and 78 l/cm)

Hot stamping plate Magnesium Plate, thickness 1mm

Die-cut plate flexible die-cut, thickness 0,44mm


Machine for rounding and fixing magnesium plate on hot stamping cylinder

Machine plate puncher

Machine for bending printing plates


The press could be seen and tested in production. The machine is very well-serviced and maintained, equipped with new Boettcher rollers.

Dismantling and loading:

Our service team could perform a professional dismantling and loading of the machine on truck or container.

Description and pictures

Video of the machine

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