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Alternative to digital

The VIVA 340 evolution is the alternative to digital presses, for a more profitable and flexible short-run solution.
It is based on Aniflo technology and relies on the same production model as digital, printing roll to roll, with the choice to print in CMYK, extended gamut or in spot color.

Integrate easily this press on your production environment, and keep your offline finishing production model.

Restore your margins on short run

The VIVA 340 evolution is very competitive in terms of investment and production costs. This machine lower the break even point against digital below 300 meters:

  • with plates 10 times cheaper than flexo,
  • without toolings, or off-press plate-mounting equipment,
  • without pre-treated materials,
  • without expensive digital inks or click charges,
  • whatever the substrate, whatever the roll width

Save up to 200 000€ on plate and plate making every year !

Improve your flexibility

Combine low set up cost (cheap plate cost, stable inking process, high level of automation) and the control of your production process (you make your plates internally, your job is ready to be printed in few minutes) to restore flexibility for your production and your customers.

Issues regarding lead time and pressure on price? We have the right solution for you!

Advanced automation and digital integration

The VIVA 340 evolution integrates advanced automated features helping the operator to make ready quickly.
CODIReg is a fully automatic register system which learns the colour sequence and positions colors in register without operator input.
CODILink is the VIVA press Ethernet remote connection for troubleshooting.

The VIVA 340 evolution can be integrated in your production workflow and MIS system, for a better control and performance improvement.

Try Viva 340 evolution on your production jobs

Explaining the virtues of Viva 340 evolution is not enough, the best way to convince you is to show you what we can do

Have a look at the videos, and book a demo. We need 30 minutes to show you two of your jobs printed live on our machine

Machine specifications

Technical specifications

Unwinder / Rewinder

Maximum roll size : 1000mm diameter / 350 kg

Aniflo printing units

Minimum printing length : 50 mm / 1,97”
Maximum printing length : 305 mm / 12”
Minimum web width : 120 mm / 4,72”
Maximum web width : 340 mm / 13,39”
Maximum print width : 340 mm / 13,39”

Anciliaries equipment

Anciliaries equipment included

Web guiding

Automatic web guide on the unwinder with opportunity to decide web path centered or fixed edge

Automatic web guiding system before rewinder to stabilize the web all along the printing process

Temperature regulation system

Temperature regulation system with independant anilox regulation system, plate regulation, and UV base cooling system

Infra Red pre heating system to stabilize web temperature and anti substrate shrinkness control

Patented blanket regulation system to stabilize the ink consistency within speed

UV curing system

UV curing system with electronic power adjustment and closed loop regulation on speed

UV lamps after each printing units

Cooled UV base under each lamps to control and stabilize web temperature

Automatic register control

Codireg automatic register control designed from Codimag

Automatic pre registering control and register stabilization over speed variation, and production

Web inspection

Stroboscopic camera for web inspection

Plate bender

Universal plate bending device for offset plates and metal back form roller blankets