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Anfilo Technology

Offset Quality
Flexo productivity
Digital Flexibility

Aniflo combines the best of all technologies for narrow web printing to boost your efficiency, for label and packaging markets

Aniflo : Simplicity from design

Aniflo technology inking system

1 – Anilox

No ink key settings
Same density along and across the web

2 – Form roller blanket

No rubber rollers to be changed
No ghosting
No inertia

3 – Waterless offset plate

No ink water balance
Finest dots and highest definition
Stable and predictable

4 – Printing blanket

Print on every substrate
with upmost quality

Simplicity? Technology does it all!

No need for experienced offset press operators!

Aniflo technical details label packaging printing markets

Lowest set up costs for maximum efficiency and flexibility on short, medium and long run

Aniflo codimag low waste efficiency narrow web printing label packaging markets

Semi rotary web motion

No cylinder to be changed
Change the printing format right away and adjust it at 0,01mm

Offset printing

Cheap plate costs
Get all the plates for your job in less than 15 minutes internally

Lowest set up time and waste

Stable and predictable inking process to print spot color or CMYKOGV to match color immediately
Automatic register
Change your printing width easily to reduce waste
Produce on every substrate with highest printing quality

Combine Aniflo with inline finishing units to boost your productivity

Our products

Viva 340 evolution

Aniflo for short & medium run

Viva 340

Aniflo + inline finishing

Viva 420

Aniflo for maximum productivity