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Digital & Color workflow

Integrate your Codimag press in a complete digital workflow

Discover an end to end solution for perfect color matching, printing and control

From Pre Press to the press, and up to inspection inline, streamline your production for a perfect digital workflow and default less color production and control.

Pre press : automatisation and color management

Print the way you want !

With shorter an shorter run, a digital automation workflow for pre press help converters to achieve preparation of multiple SKU and jobs.

Codimag is working with the main software companies (Esko, Hybrid Software, Cerm, GMG…) in order to implement easily the production workflow for Viva. You can prepare the jobs instantly with all the settings already prepared for our solution : step & repeat, plate making, including finishing solutions, communication to the press, proof, job data…

aniflo codimag proof=press

With color management and color pre flight, you know, before going on press, how to match the color your customer demands, with a predicted delta E. With Expanded gamut printing, you can convert the jobs in CMYKOGV, and then reduce even more the set up time and waste by avoiding the wash up on press. Proof = press !

Press : match the color right away for maximum performance

Because Aniflo is a stable printing technology, you get the color immediately, either you print in spot color or Expanded Gamut Printing.

By allowing converters to print in Expanded Gamut Printing with a fixed range of colors on press (CMYK plus OGV depending on the jobs), you are able to print the job with an even lower set up time and waste.

Aniflo, press stability predictability repeatability

Aniflo printing technology, an Anilox inking process, combined with superior stability of waterless offset, means also predictability, by knowing before going on press the result. No need to spend time on press for color matching.

And stability leads to repeatability : You can print and reprint your job, whatever the time, whatever the location, and get the same results on all your press around the world.

Inspection : an holistic control solution for you and your customers

Matching color is crucial for converters with more and more demanding customers. But printing the right color is one thing, proving it to brand owners and end users is another.

Odesyo Codimag

That’s why Codimag also offers inline inspection solution to control precisely your whole production.

Codimag and Odesyo have collaborated over the last years in order to offer a unique full width LAB continuous control device called Smijet.

Smijet odesyo Codimag

Thanks to its patented multiband spectral sensor, the Smijet is able to detects the slightest difference between the reference model (PDFX or press proof) and the printed result, in real time, without stopping the machine.

Smijet continuously monitors color consistency, regardless of the substrate, on 100% of the production, and detects the drifts with a precision of ΔE≤1 and a definition of 1mm2, scanning directly into images and texts.

Codimag Odesyo Aniflo Smijet