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Converting solutions

From a roll, to whatever you want !

Printing with Aniflo, embellishing with our finishing units, and then decide how to convert your products

Folding boxes

Discover a new way of producing folding boxes, by printing, embellishing, cut & creasing in one single pass. Combine Aniflo technology and FDC from Edale for a maximum efficiency!

Non stop rewinders

Non-stop rewinding will help you being more productive by avoiding a second machine pass and will give you some fresh air to your finishing zone

DYXEE-440-IML GIC Codimag

Sheeter & IML converting

Whether it’s for sheeter die-cutting, in-mold label printing (IML) or wet glue labels, take advantage of web printing to maximize your productivity and reduce the number of machine passes!

Folding boxes


Powered by EDALE

The FDC-600 flatbed die-cutting machine combines the best of sheetfed flatbed die-cutting technology with a cutting-edge servo-driven constant tension web transport system. Specifically designed for fast job change and setup when run in-line with Codimag Viva printing machines, the FDC-600 creates a highly efficient web-fed, single-pass folding carton production line.

With a maximum speed of 13,000 impressions per hour, the ability to nest products, pre-registration and the benefit of being able to reconfigure the machine for a wide range of carton sizes and forms without specialist tooling ensures that downtime and substrate wastage is kept to a minimum.
The FDC-600 flatbed die-cutting machine can be retrofitted to an existing Viva machine.
Products can include cutting, creasing, embossing and brail, with delivery being done with a de-nesting system that will ensure easy collection.

FDC-600 Flatbed Die-Cutting Machine GIVES YOU:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Single-pass
  • Quick die changeover
  • Industry accepted die-cut quality
  • Proven web fed technology
  • Adapts to a wide range of carton sizes
  • Use with an Viva press inline or standalone

Non stop rewinders


Powered by SERAME

Turret rewinders for non stop rewinding answer to your needs of high productivity finishing !

Turrets with 2 or 4 shafts with automatic splicing at printing speed.
Several options available : Automatic core loading, automatic core gluing, automatic ejection…
Limited set-up time, and renewed productivity !

Automatic Splicing at production speed
Automatic Core Gluing
Shear Slitting Unit with automatic positioning of knives and counter-knives.
Automatic Roll Ejection on arm

Sheeter & IML converting

Logo GIC

Powered by GIC

Print IML, wet glue labels or any other substrate, and get the final products converted with die cut and stacking on the Dyxee machine from GIC.

DYXEE-440-IML GIC Codimag

Width adjustable between 340 and 440 mm
Maximum speed of 150 m/min
Thickness between 30 and 120 microns
Automatic stacking and automatic unloading