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Inline finishing

Boost your productivity
with inline finishing solutions!

Configure the machine according to your needs for a maximum efficiency!

Embellishment units

Add value to your jobs, with low cost toolings and productive solutions

Semi-Rotary Hot-Foil

Hot-foil stamping is often seen as an expensive technology, because of engraved cylinders.
The VIVA 340 uses 1-mm magnesium dies or copper dies (on magnetic cylinder), to reduce the cost of toolings for short runs.
Reach a maximum speed over 10 000 impression per hour.
A precise pressure control allow optimal foil transfer for both solid areas and fine details.
Thanks to semi rotary motion system, a foil-saving system, adjusting the foil movement to the individual label step allows customers to save up to 80% on foil consumption!
A multi-foil capacity in the width is available with friction shafts and a precise foil tension generating savings by reducing the width of each roll of foil

Flatbed foiling & embossing

Multiple opportunities to achieve embellishment options, with or without foil, such as hot-foil stamping, fluted foiling, blind embossing, micro embossing, multilevel foiling and embossing…
The unit offers the possibility to work with foil along or across the web, with multi-stroke capacity. Therefore, different processes on the same job in one pass are achievable.
The foil motion system offers the option to work with several rolls of foil for more sophisticated label design. The foil saving system reduces the foil consumption to the individual label step in the most efficient direction.
Speed can reach up to 25 000 strokes per hour, and up to 7 strokes per print repeat.
Codimag is the only press manufacturer offering a flat-bed unit, in-line on an intermittent press with no loops.

codimag flat bed foiling and embossing unit

Screen printing

Codimag and SPG Prints have jointly developed a semi-rotary screen-printing unit, to print any jobs with single-size screens. Set-up time and waste are optimized. The unit can work with both RotaMesh and RotaPlate, in order to reduce consumable cost. Rings can be reused for any repeats and jobs.
Application covers clear “no-label look”, high-gloss colours, special varnishes, relief varnish or Braille, for different markets: beverages, food, detergents…

Converting units

Streamline your production with inline converting

Flexo Varnish / Lamination

Either for UV varnish, opaque white, spot color or special effects, the flexo unit can be equipped with a magnetic cylinder for steel-based photopolymer, or with a sleeve for off-press flexo plate mounting.
A laminating system can be mounted on top of the flexo unit for self adhesive, wet lamination or cold foil applications.

Die-Cut / Slitting / Stripping

Die-cutting is based on a single size magnetic cylinder for all repeats, and use cheap flexible dies. Cutting depth is controlled precisely by a Gap Master system.
Slitting and edge trimming can be achieved by scissor knives, razor knives or a scorer unit.

Folding boxes finishing or non stop rewinding

Once your job has been printed, embellished, you can also decide to complete your press and increase even more your productivity by finishing completely your products in line.
Codimag machines can be completed by adding solution for both sheets/boxes products (Flatbed creasing and die cutting and stacker) or roll products (non stop turret rewinders).

Combine the units to make a press of your own!

Make a press perfectly suitable for your markets!

Our products

Viva 340 evolution

Aniflo for short & medium run

Viva 340

Aniflo + inline finishing

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Aniflo for maximum productivity