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Accueil » Exceptional visit to Codimag: The Minister for Industry and the CEO of BPI France encourage young people to discover industry

Exceptional visit to Codimag: The Minister for Industry and the CEO of BPI France encourage young people to discover industry

Codimag, the world’s leading manufacturer of printing machines made in France, was honoured to receive Industry Minister Roland Lescure and BPI Managing Director Nicolas Dufourcq for an exceptional day out. The puropose? To raise the profile of industrial jobs and inspire young students, with a visit from first-year students at the INSEEC Bachelor business school.

Benoit DEMOL Codimag Roland Lescure Nicolas Dufourcq

A memorable day for French industry

On 27 November 2023, Codimag opened its doors to prestigious guests: the French Minister for Industry Roland Lescure and the CEO of BPI Nicolas Dufourcq. The visit marked a key moment in the promotion of industrial professions, highlighting the importance of innovation and technology in our sector.

Celebrating French technology

Codimag technology printing machine France

At the heart of the day’s events, Codimag presented its breakthrough technology, manufactured entirely in France: Aniflo, for labels and packaging printing. The students were able to discover the variety of positions, the wide range of expertise and the diversity of profiles within our company. Making a printing machine is a complex process that demonstrates the excellence of French engineering and know-how.

The reason why companies like these exist in France, given that all its competitors are Asian, is that CODIMAG has invented a technology that no-one else has managed to copy. Innovation is the key!

Nicolas Dufourcq, CEO of BPI France. Watch an extract from the speech at Codimag

Encouraging vocations for the industry of tomorrow

The visit, organised by La French Fab, was specially designed to raise awareness among first-year business school students of the exciting opportunities offered by careers in industry. The Minister for Industry stressed the importance of innovation and collaboration in ensuring the sector’s continued success.

Minister Roland Lescure Industry Codimag young technicians

We need to reach out to young people, we need to reach out to industry. Industry is the answer to the challenge of decarbonisation!

Roland Lescure, French Minister Delegate for Industry. Watch an extract from the speech
Codimag, the caring industry for young people

Presenting the French industrial sector

Codimag industry sector printing France

Codimag also welcomed its entire industrial sector, bringing together suppliers, colleagues and label printing customers. The meeting strengthened links within the industry, underlining the importance of working together to maintain French excellence. Suppliers (B&R Automation), fellow machine manufacturers in France (SERAME, GIC) and customers (Durand Imprimeurs, Lithobru, UNFEA) also shared their common recruitment issues.

The harmony between the players in our sector even surprised the students, who weren’t expecting to see what they perceived as ‘competitors’ working so well together!

Towards a bright future for the industry

The day marked a continued commitment to the future of French industry. Codimag remains determined to inspire the next generation of leaders, promote innovation and contribute to the influence of French industry around the world. Codimag’s apprentices were celebrated on this occasion, as they are the heartbeat of French industry today and tomorrow.

This exceptional day will be remembered as a symbol of the unity and vitality of French industry. Codimag continues to play a leading role, shaping a prosperous future for industry.